Global Indigenous Youth Caucus

The UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus is a Space for Indigenous Youth Worldwide.

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UNGIYC – Leadership for a better world.

The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus is a space for Indigenous Youth to advocate and represent themselves before the world community, to participate international decision making processes which affect their lives, and to bring awareness to the issues affecting Indigenous youth on local, regional, national, and international levels.

Who We Are

The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus is comprised of numerous Indigenous youth from various States, organizations, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds from each of the 7 UN Regions. Ever since the first session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), young indigenous participants have gathered together and developed statements and positions voicing concerns of Indigenous Youth in various international bodies, mechanisms, and processes.

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Generation at risk – UN Forum urges action to halt indigenous youth suicide

Personal Experience in the Indigenous Peoples’ Community Work

I was born and bred in the cradle of Endorois tribe; near Lake Bogoria in a place called Sandai. The Endorois is agro-pastoralist Indigenous Tribe in central Rift Valley in Kenya. Learning about the rich cultural heritage as an Endorois has been a phenomenal journey. I have come a long way in the realization of…

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